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Our mission

The real value of our hardwood products results from a carefully shaped balance between quality and price. Our mission is to produce premium quality hardwood timber, edge-glued panels, butcher blocks, kitchen countertops, hardwood flooring, wooden stairs, stair treads, and raisers that provide total satisfaction for our customers. By consistently providing this value, we expect to establish long-term partnerships with our customers.

Equal widths hardwood timber - Customer benefits

Lafor supplies consistent quantities of equal widths beechwood timber and maple timber all year round.

We offer, based on customers’ requests, equal widths beechwood lumber for door frames, cabinet door frames, flooring planks. That benefits our customers, dramatically increasing the yield.

For instance, the woodworking companies looking to get multiples of 50mm x 50mm beechwood or maple squares, we offer 50mm thick by 156mm, 209mm, 262mm wide hardwood timber boards. As a result, the yield is 100% or zero waste when the planks are ripped to get 50mm x 50mm squares!

This web site provides a preview of some of the facilities and products. It is our sincere wish that you will be impressed enough to follow a second, closer look through a personal visit. Thank you for your interest in our products!

Lafor is dedicated to provide quality beechwood lumber and FSC® certified products to the woodworking industry.


Lafor Wood Products - A dedicated company

Lafor is dedicated to providing quality beechwood timber and hardwood edge-glued panels to the woodworking industry. Razboieni Sawmill is our primary manufacturing site. The sawmill utilizes the locally FSC® certified grown hardwood logs, modern manufacturing techniques, and highly skilled employees to produce fine-quality hardwood products that have made the region famous. These resources, combined with proprietary information systems and advanced technology, allow for consistent and predictable outcomes.


Lafor Wood Products - Wholesale

Lafor does not sell some of its hardwood timber products directly to the consumers.

Please contact us by email and let us know your intentions. One of our representatives will contact you afterward.

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Please contact us by email and let us know your intentions. One of our representatives will contact you afterwards.

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