Lafor wood products company


Lafor wood products company

Founded in 1993, Lafor Wood Products Company has grown by selling hardwood timber and edge-glued panels manufactured in its facilities.

We deliver quality hardwood products because we control every step of the manufacturing process; therefore, we are an integrated hardwood timber products manufacturer.

We provide almost all of the European hardwood timber and edge-glued panels species, including beechwood, ash, cherry, oak, and maple.


Lafor wood products company believes in producing superior grade hardwood timber and chooses to exceed usual quality standards. At Lafor wood products company, our technicians look closer to minimize bark, wane, stain, unsound knots, and other defects to ensure that only the very best hardwood timber is shipped to our customers.

Lafor wood products company’s edge-glued panels have firmly established themselves in the industry because they fulfill all the necessary visual and technical standards. Carefully graded strips are a guarantee that the edge-glued boards have an attractive, consistent, and even appearance. The gluing process means that the timber retains all its natural features and, additionally, is rendered more stable and more durable. Furthermore, the edge-glued timber continues to have the natural characteristics of solid wood, and a proper machining and gluing process minimize the reaction to swelling, shrinkage, warping, and bowing.

We feel it is essential that the kitchenware and the wooden products that you use every day have to be easy to use, durable, and environmentally friendly. As a result, our range of wooden kitchenware is designed and made with these principles in mind.