Panels Production


Edge glued panels production

The edge glued panels are produced from narrow pieces of wood glued along their edges to create products of greater width.

The narrow pieces of wood used for edge-glued panels are cut from larger pieces of wood to remove visual defects such as knots, cracks, wanes, etc. The finished panel is more dimensionally stable than a single piece of wood of the same dimensions, resisting warping, cupping and twisting because of the random orientation of the grain in the adjacent pieces.

As an industrial product, panels can be finished or unfinished and are often cut to specific sizes in the manufacture of furniture, countertops and table tops, stair treads, drawers, and cutting boards.


For the retail market, panels are cut to size but not finished, since they are for the do-it-yourself market where people often purchases them for home use. However, DIY stores do sell some finished panels that have been pre-shaped as table tops, cutting boards, shelves, counter tops.

Lafor has built a reputation as an industry leader in the production of edge-glued panels, drawers parts and stair treads.

To maintain and improve this position, Lafor has evolved its operation to include two modern production lines: one for production of edge glued panels and another for production of semi-machined components, drawer parts and stair treads.

One of the lines utilizes the latest technology in production of hardwood edge glued panels and focuses on the need for high quality, close tolerance and large production runs.

Our second line has been designed to produce drawer parts, stair treads, wooden stairs and other specialty items. This line provides our operators with the flexibility to meet our customers’ most stringent requirements.