Timber Production


Established in 1993, Lafor Wood Products is one of largest FSC® certified saw-milling and wood processing companies in the area and is dedicated to provide quality hardwood timber and related products to the woodworking industry.

Raw material procurement

Some of the most important decisions determining the final product quality are made by our experienced procurement team, early in the forest when selecting the logs. We outsource our logs exclusively from FSC managed forests.


Raw material grading

In order to maximize the value of the resource, Lafor’s grading technicians classify each log with great care; and with their extensive knowledge, they also make sure that each log is classified the best way.


To ensure a high-quality product and the optimal use of the hardwood resource, Lafor’s experienced and well-trained production technicians use the latest technology, including band saw, twin band saw, multi-blade rip saw, optimizing machine, cut off saw, etc


The lumber is steamed right after it is sawn and before it has a chance to dry. After steaming the white sapwood becomes much darker, looking at times almost as dark as the heartwood. The heartwood, when steamed, also changes color, becoming a little bit darker. These color effects develop throughout the lumber and not just at the surface. Steaming as a process to improve the appearance of sapwood is becoming more critical today as tree diameters are smaller, meaning more lumber with a higher percentage of sapwood.

During steaming process the beech lumber takes on a distinctive pink color. After steaming, the hot lumber is removed from the steaming chamber, stickered and put into a dry kiln.


Lafor’s longtime kiln drying expertise, together with the right equipment makes us the drying hardwood leaders, including difficult to dry, thick timber. With over 1,200cubm of kiln drying capacity and massive dry lumber storage warehouses, Lafor Wood Products is capable of delivering large quantities of export-ready hardwood on time.


We utilize the latest grading technology: scanners, optimizing machines along very experienced technicians in order to maximize the yield and to deliver high quality products to our customers. We continually invest in the most efficient and precise computer-aided equipment available to ensure maximum production output while retaining quality


Most of our timber is produced to stock and is sold to customers at a later time. Custom hardwood products are made to order. For specific orders, customers are welcome to inspect the timber at our saw mill.