With a long history, founded in 1993, Lafor Wood Products has grown by selling hardwood timber and edge-glued panels manufactured in its facilities. To ensure high-quality hardwood timber supply Lafor uses the latest available woodworking technology. Our sawmill is equipped with: 1600 Primultini band saw with a built-in scanner that optimizes timber output, a 1400 MEM twin band saw, a multi-blade rip saw, cross cut optimizing machines and cross cut off saws.

Lafor's longtime kiln drying history expertise and the modern equipment make us the drying hardwood timber leaders, including difficult to dry, thick beechwood timber. With over 1,700cubm of kiln drying capacity and massive air-dry lumber storage warehouses, Lafor Wood Products can deliver large quantities of export-ready hardwood timber and beechwood timber just in time.


Lafor Wood Products has built a reputation and a history as an industry leader in the production of beechwood edge-glued panels, drawers, parts, and stair treads. To maintain and improve this position and history, Lafor has evolved its operation to include two modern production lines: one for production of the edge-glued panels and another for semi-machined components, drawer parts, and stair treads.

The first line utilizes the latest technology for the production of hardwood edge-glued panels and focuses on the need for high quality, close tolerance, and large production runs.

The second produces drawer parts, stair treads, wooden stairs, and other specialty items. This line provides our operators with the flexibility to meet our customers’ most stringent requirements.


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