Hardwood Timber and Edge Glued Panels Products

We offer a large selection of kiln-dried hardwood timber and edge glued panels products, oak, ash, cherry, hard maple, and black locust timber. However, our big seller stills the FSC certified steamed, kiln-dried beechwood timber.

We supply edged hardwood timber, rough, S2S, and S4S for furniture manufacturers, woodworking companies, cabinet manufacturers, door manufacturers, and stairs manufacturers.


The other range of products that we offer is the hardwood edge-glued panels.

As an industrial product, hardwood edge-glued panels can be oil finished or unfinished and are often cut to specific sizes in the manufacture of furniture, countertops and tabletops, stair treads, drawers, and cutting boards.

We also supply the following kitchenware items: drawers and drawer parts, kitchen islands tops and kitchen countertops, chopping boards and cutting blocks, end grain butcher blocks, pizza boards.

Last but not least, we offer a large variety of hardwood stairs and stair parts.