For sale EOS 200 Uniconfort boiler

Hot water, EOS 200 Uniconfort boiler, 2,0mil KCal, built 2011, operating pressure 2 bars, very good condition with automatic in-feed system, automatic ash extractor, automatic pipes cleaning system, smoke extraction fan, multicyclon, safety valves, complete electrical panel, automatic control, etc. Ready for installing.

For sale 1400mm Artiglio bandsaw

Artiglio 1400mm bandsaw and two independent Falco1100 carriages, installed in 2007, very good condition. Complete: 90kw motor with inverter, electrical panels, touch screen, new computer, operator cabin, out-feed system, timber brushing system and more.

For sale CMT/B 200 Uniconfort boiler

Uniconfort CMT/B 200 Industrial boiler. Mixed in-feed system: manual or automatic.

Capacity 7900 L

Power 2730 kW

For sale Automatic Finger Jointing System

High productivity, fully automatic finger jointing system, FL 12

Made in Taiwan, very good condition, built 2007.